Managerial Responsibility

Referring to Daybreak's Equal Opportunity Resources File, the project manager has responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of the Equal Opportunity Policy in the day-to-day running of the Project. Ultimate responsibility for equal opportunity implementation lies with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Staff Responsibility

All staff will be made aware of, and have a responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of the Equal opportunity Policy and for challenging discriminatory practices or behaviour. The Equal opportunity Resource File will be available to all staff at all times.

Service Provision

Daybreak aims to ensure that its services are provided on an equal basis to all sections of the community and is committed to positive action where necessary to make its policy effective. The Charities policy and procedures will be available to referral agencies, potential clients, existing clients and any other interested persons.

Employment, Recruitment and Selection

A belief in equality of opportunity runs through all aspects of the Charity's policy, procedure and practice in relation to staff matters. Daybreak is committed to working within all relevant legislation and appropriate Codes of Practice in relation to Employment, Recruitment and Selection. The Charity will operate open, fair and anti-discriminatory recruitment and selection procedures as set out in its Recruitment Policy. All applicants for employment with the Charity will receive our Statement on Equal Opportunities.

 The Charity will monitor the gender, ethnic origin, disability and sexuality of existing staff and job applicants to aim to attract the widest possible range of applicants for employment and proper representation at all levels of operation and salary. It is a condition of employment with Daybreak that this policy is adhered to by all those involved with the Charity at whatever level or position.


Daybreak will ensure that equal access to training is provided to all staff, according to the particular needs of individuals.  Care will be taken to ensure that career paths do not exclude groups on grounds of age, race, gender, religion or disability.

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